Number of the Beast

Come, fellow humans, and sit around the campfire. We will share a drink and talk about the days of yore. The times before the great unraveling and our return to mother earth. Starting long before the now crumbling ruins of the toxic towers pierced the sky, before the time when we had to worry about... Continue Reading →

Polishing the Armor

In the post Where are we going Today, I went deep into talking about how to turn your anxiety around and use it as a suit of armor instead of breaking down to the demon. But there is more to it than that if you want to grow and not just start bashing everyone with... Continue Reading →

My Witching Hour

Good morning all of you 3 am thinkers and writers. My anonymous family, working in the dead space of morning where the voices are still, and the thoughts are calm. Ideas flow like water and putting the thoughts to paper, or keyboard, if you will, flows like a well-oiled machine. Sometimes the groove going so... Continue Reading →

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