My Witching Hour

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Good morning all of you 3 am thinkers and writers. My anonymous family, working in the dead space of morning where the voices are still, and the thoughts are calm. Ideas flow like water and putting the thoughts to paper, or keyboard, if you will, flows like a well-oiled machine. Sometimes the groove going so deep that we continue writing, coding, thinking, planning, and working towards that goal until long after the sun comes up. Sometimes far into the next day. Keep charging forward, my friends; we are the saviors of the morning. Connecting with the higher consciousness offered by the quiet and tranquility of the witching hour.

Though it is currently 5 am Eastern Standard Time, the idea for this post and the two that will follow this one started brewing around 3:30 am. Well, to be truthful, the ideas started forming last night, but I decided to sleep on them and see if they still sounded viable after some rest. Apparently they do because here I am working on the first one of the three.

When I am writing these posts, most of the time, I just start writing and don’t stop. I will write a paragraph, then two, then three, and on and on. What started as one sentence sometimes ends up as a 4 or 5-page mini-documentary. I try to keep them somewhat compact, but sometimes it just takes that much space to explain your idea. Not everyone thinks the same, so I try to explain some concepts multiple times in multiple ways to make sure I reach as many people as possible. Writing this way makes a pretty big post if the topics are deep or complex.

I do not limit what I write about. I try to keep the neutral ground and hear everyone’s opinion about all situations before giving my advice if I have any to give. Notice I said give advice, not take a side, I do not take sides. I will offer you my support if I believe in your cause, but I will never join a fight or argument. They solve nothing. But a civil debate where the end goal is a compromise everyone can agree with; I will do that all day, except for corrupt government, corrupt industry, corrupt religion, or corrupt people. I will fight them to the end.

I have no idea if any others work this way, but seriously all of my posts start with a subject. That is the core idea of the whole post. Between Grammarly and WordPress drafts, I have 54 posts with a subject but no body. It seems those two platforms have become my idea dumps. I don’t really write notes, and I do any needed research on the fly as I write. In most cases, except for fixing spelling and glaring grammar mistakes, what you see is what my mind sent to my fingers in its raw form.

When I first start writing in the morning and putting these ideas together, I generally listen to some kind of music. Well, I don’t really listen to it, I hear the tune, but it is just somewhere in the back of my mind occupying the attention monster.

Right now, the song is Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac. Yesterday and the day before, it was Neelix. This really depends on my mood. I tried Neelix this morning, and it just didn’t feel right, so I switched to my Progressive Adult Contemporary / Soft Rock playlist. That hit the spot with the first song being Kodachrome by Paul Simon; I love that song. Now the playlist has moved on to Longer with Dan Fogelberg. Some people will say who, others will say why? Well, the answers would be a dude that sings, and because it is what is working for me right now. Tomorrow it may be Metallica, though as I have gotten older, I have sort of drifted away from the hard rock that I once loved, so the chances of it being them are pretty slim. But, you never know.

What I have figured out over all of this time being able to set my own schedule is that all of my energy is available between about 3am and 10am. I will work fervently on whatever my current project is during that time frame, then… I am spent. Not always, sometimes I can fall into almost a trance groove if I am making a lot of progress, and I will work until I am exhausted. Not because I am forcing myself to do it, I am just that lost in what I am doing and will look up from the grindstone to see that the day is gone, sometimes approaching two days. At that point, most of the time, I realize I am exhausted.

Currently, I have 4 programming projects going on. I have written at least one blog post every day for the last week and will pump more posts out today and through the rest of this week. In most cases, when I start writing, I write until that post is done except in cases of a post with a complex idea or sensitive topics. Sometimes those can take multiple days or a week. Programming is a different ballgame altogether. I program in spurts. Logstash Profiler has been idle for over a month. Coriolis has been on hold for a couple weeks. The Elite Dangerous Metrics project I have been working on here and there for about 3 years. And even with those projects in development but paused, I have brainstormed a new programming project that I have named Arcturus. Though this may roll into Coriolis. Stay tuned for that update.

But either way, no matter the project, I do my best and deepest work starting at the 3 am hour. Eastern Standard Time, of course, specifically western Ohio.

This post goes out to all of those of us trying to get our ideas out there, find that next best thing, that next big idea, that best seller book, or a blog that shoots to the top, planning your day early to get ahead of the game. It all works toward the goal you are reaching for, no matter what that goal is. And we do it at 3am.

Charge forward into the darkness of morning, keyboard in hand, making the right moves and feeling good about yourself. But do it for you and no one else.

But watch out for that sunshine; it hurts sometimes.

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