How Are You Spinning Today?

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Starting just a few days ago, I lept out of the creative slump that I have been in for about three weeks. All during that time, I tried to write something every day, but nothing fell into place. It seemed that everything I started writing ended up going down the path of opinionated drivel.

So this past Saturday, after talking to a friend about my slump, I deleted the drafts of all unfinished documents that I had been collecting for the last 6 months and started over. A few I kept, but I had deleted 82 different drafts on several different topics when all was said and done. Sometimes you just have to wipe the drafts out, clear your mind and start again. My posts are a mixture of sharing technical knowledge, some neutral viewpoints on human topics, some research, some fiction. So generally, all over the place. I do not write like anyone else or think like anyone else. Of course, neither do you or the person sitting next to you that is our human spin.

Right now, my spin is headed in a more technical direction. Though I always have thoughts for my story based on true events called A Man Named Jim bouncing around in my head, I am still working on the best way to get all of that down in a readable format. How deep should the details be, how far back should I go, where to start even. But this is the human spin. We all have our own way of explaining things. That is what makes us unique, the spin. If everyone spins the same way, we are going to get stagnant real quick. Keep your own spin. Spin wildly, spin in and out of other dimensions, spin around in circles. Just keep spinning to your own tune.

Numerous tests have been done to show how one simple sentence of facts can be easily mutated to something totally different by the time it gets to the end of a chain of 20 people, actually 10 people even. This has been proven in laboratory experiments. This is the human spin that proves not everyone sees or even hears things the same way. It is an artifact of how our mind can remember only what it thinks is important while storing the minute details in the back of the mind to not clutter the working mind. Hence things change from person to person. Also, on the same note, what excites you or makes you happy may anger someone else. Still part of this same spin.

If you try to adjust your spin too much to make everyone around happy, your spin will get confused and leave you lost in a creative slump. Do not ever expect any other spins to exactly match your spin. That will never happen. But minds can have complementing spins. When complementing spins come together, you start to form a machine, but there is enough drag from the slight differences in the spin to keep the machine from running out of control.

This goes for any idea, any writing, any story, any thoughts. When you start changing your spin to make others happy, you lose the true you. Be you, do what you need to do, to a limit. But there is always a moral limit everyone should always follow and not bend to suit their spin.

Time changes, cultures change, views change, opinions change, but you don’t have to change yourself. There exists a list of moral truths known by some as the Ten Commandments. I am not a follower of structured religion, but this list could just as well be called the basic list of moral beliefs that everyone should adhere to. If more people did, I believe we would be in a much more peaceful world society. Unfortunately, in some circles, many that claim to do not. Though if you look at it through the spin theory, others may just not interpret it the same way I do.

That is our right. This is our spin. But. Are you spinning as you or as who someone else wants you to be?

Deep Thoughts for the Day

–Parting Wisdom
-There is a fine line between genius and insanity

–Bryan Vest

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