The Empath (poem)

Born with a giftSometimes it causes a riftSometimes a lift Some say it's all in the mindCould be a crimeAll will know in time Always presentSometimes I resentAlways hesitantFor the feelings I feelThe emotions I peelAre all very realFrom around the block or around the globeThese feelings are sometimes quite coldThis statement may be quite... Continue Reading →

Story Idea (excerpt)

Below is a raw, unedited excerpt from a story idea I am pondering. No title yet. "I can't hold it, he's too strong." these words constantly echo through Cedric's mind as he tries to find a place to hide from the impending doom that approaches from everywhere, yet nowhere at the same time. Ever so... Continue Reading →

Found the Rhythm(poem)

For many years I felt like I was deadNothing right in the headNothing made sense except dreadSlogging through the yearsRunning from the fearsUsing all of the tearsThen, one day there was an eventThat would start to preventThe fears that had formed a tentA tent of fearThat was oh so nearCausing all of this fear ThenI... Continue Reading →

Ego and Virtue (poem)

A lesson that I learned at an early ageThere is no need for all of this rage We all need to be decentThis much is not recent I'm not sure where we went wrongIt has been this way for too long Too long that our leadersHave lied to the readersAnd stolen all of the heaters... Continue Reading →

Universal Thoughts (poem)

Out of the blackness of dark, do I hear a cry?In the back of my mind, do I hear a sigh?Take a mighty breath and look up to the sky. Stare into the blackness of night.Dotted with little points of light.There is no reason for a fright. For upon its backbone, we do stand.All this... Continue Reading →

Monday Sun (poem)

Looking out the window upon the morning sunPondering its life, watching its glow, does it have funThe sun does not rise, nor does it set, that is man of sonGlowing mean orange on this dayDoes it have something to sayOn its wayIf it could talk, I am sure we would hear a lot, most won't... Continue Reading →

My Kitty (poem)

Kitty scratching in the boxMaybe thinking she's a foxShe didn't eat the rocksKitty chilling with a purrNot dealing with a burrThis kitty has black furHad the kitty for a timeFeel the need to make a rhymeNo, this is not a crimeMy kitty is not a catNot having thatKitty is more funCats often runKitty in the... Continue Reading →

Trees Not Green (poem)

Trees not greenWhat does it meanAre we on a teamNature wants to scream Sunk in a mireThis situation is quite direFloods, fires, heatwaves tooThere are too many who knew Burn a forest treeCharging just a feeMaybe make a teeWhere are all the bees This big planet that we shareNo one seems to careWhere are all... Continue Reading →

The Other Rhythm Things (not a poem)

First, a copyright disclaimer. Every song in this post is copyrighted by me. I mixed all of these songs using Mixcraft 9 and either default samples that came with Mixcraft or legally purchased sample packs. Nothing here was sampled from any song or any other artist. If you do claim infringement on any of these... Continue Reading →

Style Switch (poem)

Wrote a proseNow a poemCause it makes me happyCan I switch itMan I canLets not get sappyMatch it at the frontCatch it on the huntFew rhymes are twoBut who knewTwo rhymes are fewBoo rhymes tooQueue rhymes are newMakes you thinkBakes you a drinkDrinks cant bakeSinks cant cakeThis is a rhyme I can makeDouble the rhymeTrouble... Continue Reading →

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