Fear Cave (poem)

grayscale photography of human skull

Built in a state of fear
Out of this cave I peer
For too long I tried
Many times I cried
Stay here I must
For the world has grown unjust
Many ignore the atrocities and move along
While many more join the throng
There are those who choose not that path
Yet we are unheard because we speak not in wrath
Money and fame are the drive for most
Though some of us are happy with toast
To Race, color, or creed I am blind
Yet too many have filled their mind
With Treachery and hate
Constantly taking the bait
Look through the lies
See past the money ties
Look deep at humanity’s forms
Realize these are not the norms
One global unit we should be
The only way to be truly free
Power will always corrupt those weak of mind
Look all around its not hard to find
Every minute that ticks by
I tire of watching this fly
This poem will end here, dear
This poem about a cave built of fear

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