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This morning I thought. What have my blog posts brought? Nothing spectacular or groundbreaking is contained within. Sometimes I think my thoughts might be a little thin. Then I started to think about life back in the day. This helped me form something new to say. I have decided I will write this whole post in rhyme. I used to do it all the time. Why I stopped is what we will explore. This exercise will work me to the core.

Rhyming every line as you write. It can feel a little tight. Following the words from high to low. You never know where you might go. Sometimes a comma is good, often it is not. You have to keep the rhyme flowing nice and hot. Words too complicated are where you can not go. Keep it simple so it will flow. Careful of the words and cadence that you use. You can kill it all in one bad move. Yoda speaking at times. It takes all kinds.

Learning to read a the age of four years old. My mom saw books as knowledge to behold. Books here, and books over there. Sometimes there were books in my chair. We read books day and night. Dr. Seuss was mighty all right. I might take some heat for that insight. Understand I respect his writing as a fan. Not much I can think of as a man.

Cat in the hat is such a wonderful rhyme. Flows like music all the time. Rhymes flowing in and all around. Taking us somewhere we have not yet found. Sometimes the flow tries to fall apart. This is when my mind tells me I must depart. I have not come to that point yet. Thoughts still flow into this net. Most sentences in this style are short. But they must be in the presence of a cohort. The rhyme always happens on the last word. But the cohort can not be a turd. Flowing together is always the key. Far across this word sea. A sentence too short can be a disaster. This you must own if you want to be a master. A sentence too long is just as bad. The perfect balance must be had. This is the cadence of which I previously spoke. To master it, you must not go broke.

In poetic education, there are ways to measure. In this, I do not pleasure. The iambic pentameter is one way to go. If this is what works for your flow. The writing style I am using might have a name. I don’t know, but it sounds cool, just the same. The more I put into this post. The more I think I like it the most. Use of the word tree at its utmost. Branching into the unknown at any cost. The words are flowing as water like a fluid. Would that make me a druid?

That take reminded me of a movie. With rhymes not so groovy. Dropping off hard at the end is not always good. It breaks the flow and the mood. Keep the mind grooving throughout the rhyme. Attention spans grow shorter all the time. Keep the attention you must. Or this will all be a bust. While moving forward, the anxiety may creep in. Telling you this might be too thin. This is normal when you are trying a new style. There is a lot to compile. Twisting the words and sentences until happy with what you hear. Needing to speak and listen with your own ear. Just remember to massage the cohort line. So it will fall right in time.

A lot will be changed, a lot will be deleted. Rhyming a whole post will not leave you defeated. It takes time and a lot of thought. But something like this can not be bought. It makes you think about things normally not needed. No rules should be heeded. Writing should be from yourself and your heart. Especially when making rhyming art.

Now we are at the end. This is the rhyme I will send. Some day you should try it. Someone might buy it. If nothing else comes from this plan. Be happy, knowing you said I can. Onward and upward, we must drive. Writing these rhymes will help you survive.

–Parting Wisdom
-A post full of rhymes is hard–

–Bryan Vest

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