Morning Rhyme Time

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Yesterday I blogged a rhyme. It did not fall in line. It was ok for most. But not for me, the host. Made it good enough I did. Rolling words like a kid. Some lines did not match. So this new plan I must hatch. Put words to paper in a rhyming form. This could be my new norm. Happy watching this rhyme flow by. It’s so sweet I might cry. This ability comes naturally to me. As I learned to read phonetically. Roll the letters and try the sounds. Phonetically your path will be found.

Big words, little words, medium words too. Tieing them together gives you a clue. Contractions are not used a lot. They destroy the language like a bot. Short sentences are the way to go. This helps build your flow. Your rhyme will twist and wiggle. It may make some giggle. Always write from the heart. That is the most important part. If you filter what you say. Your rhyme will decay. Speak your heart and speak your mind. Aways from the front and never from the hind. Work your groove in and out. Some others may pout. Spinning a rhyme across a whole blog post. Takes time and thought from you, the host.

Writing is hard and never neat. Rhyming must also use a beat. Find a beat in what you say. Rhyme that shit every day. I used a bad word, oh my. Many others don’t try. Pull out the stops and clear the way. We all have something to say.

This post, I think, is on time. Every line seems to rhyme.

This first rhyme is quite short. My mind will now abort.
Enjoy this rhyme though the day.
Because we all have something to say.

–Parting Wisdom
-Rhyme all day. It makes the mind happy.

–Bryan Vest

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