Rhyme of a Reason

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Piercing through the night.
Much like a beam of morning light.
It is the fright.
We know not from where it comes or goes.
Though it does bring woes.
Some chase the light, some push it away.
Others do not let it sway.
Eventually, war will embroil.
Most don’t want that turmoil.
No one understands why we fight.
Is it all caused by the light?
Or the fright?

See it for what it is.
Most others don’t get this quiz.
It is all a lie; this I know is true.
This truth only resonates with a few.
Knowledge is the power of life.
It should never leave us in strife.
The light is uncaring.
It has no feelings for sharing.
Do you control the light?
Or does it control you?
There are only a few.

A few that see through the glare.
Are the ones that really care.
Our charge is to show a voice of reason.
Yet, we are often accused of treason.
Our minds and hearts are fully pure.
Of this, we are sure.
Lies, corruption, and thievery is not our way.
For this, we must pay.
Forging a path how we may.

Saviors of the future are pushed to the back.
Those in power don’t like that track.
They have trained their packs.
To look at us as quacks.
We have no strive for power or cash.
Those things are like a rash.
Everyone should be treated the same.
Regardless of any fame.
We need action and truths.
Not you drinking vermouth.

The money and power are at the top.
Even if you are a cop.
But at this point, I must say.
Who made it this way?

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