Poem: The Dragon Inside

gray and teal animal skeleton wall decor

Big dragon mighty and mean
For gold he doth fiend
To the point of delusion
He holds this illusion
Heroes want to scream.

Always they fight
Beat him they might
If in a team

Together is power
Alone is sour
Like bad cream

Sword of gold
Broke the mold
Strikes like a beam

Fill the wagon
Slay the dragon
All is not what it seems

An illusion found
That will astound
Even the dean

For the dragon is you
Actually more than two
This is not a dream

Look inside
Take a ride
Maybe wear some jeans

Inside you start
Look at the heart
You know what it means

The wisdom will come
Only for some
We must alert the queen

Look inside
Before you deride
You make me want to scream

–Bryan Vest

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