Rhythm of Life (not a poem)

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Over the last few days, I have written and published lots of rhymes and poems. In these recent days, also, I have released more writing to the masses of the web than I have, well, at pretty much at any point in my life. It has gotten to a point where my mind automatically tries to rhyme everything I see. If I don’t keep it in check, this post could quickly bend into a rhyme in no time. 🙂

When I am writing, I frequently listen to EDM music. I like that there are many rises and hard drops with not many words to focus on. EDM is generally a high beat per minute, frequently above 130. This beat keeps the wandering parts of my mind active, which allows me to focus on my writing instead of aimlessly wandering the internet. I can get into a groove, almost a trance-like state, and keep writing until the sun comes up. My favorite artist is Neelix, but I appreciate all EDM artists. Though I only really get into it when I am working on things. Otherwise, I generally stay in classic rock. Artists like The Who, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and the like.

As I was sitting here working on “Story of Wo’s” and listening to “Born & Raised the Harmonika Remix,” I started to think about the rhythm I use in my poems. Though I change mode sometimes, it normally follows the pattern down, down, down, up, down, down, up or some combination of those. Sometimes I do it in two lines, sometimes I do it in 6 lines. Sometimes I connect a rhyme 3 verses away with a rhyme in the first verse. I am not a trained poet, never graduated college. I graduated from the school of, figure it out on your own. So I have no idea what to call that. All I know is that when I read it back to myself, it forms a beat that I can flow with, and it is my style. Some will like it, some will not. Also, as I mentioned in a previous post, my mom taught me how to read phonetically when I was four years old. Phonetics allows you to think about words differently, which I think gives a slight edge when trying to rhyme lines together.

Rhyming efficiently is not just rhyming the last word. The whole sentence has to work together with the sentence before it and the sentence after it. If it falls out of sequence, it falls apart. Depending on your mode, there may be multiple sentences or even paragraphs that have to be attached somewhere. As you move forward with a story, there have to be attachment points. Chapter 2 may be on a totally different character or subject. Still, the reader has to know how to attach it back to chapter 1. Through a memory, a picture, a name, a voice. Make up what you want, but there has to be a channel that connects everything together. Maybe it’s a mirror. We all know that story. This is a rhythm. I visualize it as a wavy blue line running right through the middle of what I am working on. It stretches on for infinity in all directions, including time. Similar to my explanation of the arrow of time in What is a Singularity.

After having these thoughts, like most of us that like to entertain with writing do, I went back and started reading all of my previous writings. Mainly the poems. I do notice there is a pattern. But it seems to work. Sinking deeper into thinking about patterns and rhythms, I started to think about where rhythms play in other parts of life. For sure, music is one part. Music always has to have a good rhythm, or it is not music. What about paintings? Well, there is a rhythm there, a pattern, actually. Because in the end, a rhythm is a pattern, and humans are great pattern matching awesome machines. Everything we see and everything we do has to do with patterns. Since a pattern forms a rhythm and a rhythm forms a pattern, they are all equally important.

Even down to the tiniest cell that multiplied billions of times to make you the person you are. There are patterns there. Patterns in the cell division, patterns in the DNA that make you who you are, patterns in your neurons give you your genius intelligence and want to succeed. Patterns in the light, patterns in the night, there are patterns everywhere. When you start to think about it this way, the ideas will flow from a tap, no, a waterfall bigger than you can imagine, and that’s pretty big. We even form patterns where there are none, think about the constellations high in the sky.

The only true random generating engine known to our collective intelligence is nature. No computer can be truly random. They are limited by the bit count of the processor. Even trying to calculate PI to the end is a futile exercise, even on the fastest supercomputers. Calculating all of PI would be a true test of computer randomness. It can’t be done. Mother nature does it in the blink of an eye. But there are patterns there too. Patterns of beauty, patterns of life, fractals that go on forever down to a level unmeasurable by even the most sensitive instruments, but there are still patterns. We as humans manipulate nature and turn it into our own patterns. We make patterns, we like patterns, patterns are comfortable. For a hard mind exercise think about this, create a character, break them into tiny little pieces, down to the molecular level, then put it back together exactly as it was without looking back. It’s hard. Similar to ripping up a picture into 1000 jagged pieces and trying to tape it back together. Your might do it, but your mind is going to say, man that’s ugly. Lets go trade it in.

What all of this comes down to is my way of saying that there are patterns everywhere you look. Everything you see, hear, taste, feel, love, hate, or any other emotion can be turned into a rhythm, a pattern, a rhyme, and hence a story you can write.

The Story of Wo’s just happened as I typed. I didn’t think about it. I just started rhyming words and let my mind do the rest. As I read back the lines, I would find that they didn’t always match the way I wanted. So I would have to dig deep in my mind to find a rhythm that matched it, sometimes even changing the last rhyming word to fit with the new structure. This is very critical thinking with a good bit of imagination thrown in at the same time. It takes deep thought to make something that has a great pattern but can also show emotion.

In the end, we all know that we want to strike a chord with someone. Even if that person is only one person, one person that understands, one person you have helped, one person that you have enlightened or in some extreme cases maybe saved a life. Don’t think I am trying to say everything you write should be a self-help article, far from it. Entertainment is a joy of life. It brings happiness, activates hormones, makes people smile even if it makes them sad. Everything starts on paper somewhere. Next time you sit with pen in hand, remember the rhythms of life, the good and the bad. There is something to say about everything. Find that rhythm and use it. It sure helped me.

–Parting Wisdom
-“We are all a little crazy sometimes”-

–Bryan Vest

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