Anxious Beast(poem)

I have found
I can astound
Much abound
With the lines I write

Funny things
Often sing
Not always the king
Not always right

Serious message too
From me to you

Life is not always fun
Sometimes we run

Run I did
For many years
Run I did
From needless fears

The beast chased
With much haste
Through the dreams
Many screams
In the daytime too

Few are the years
With no fears
Or the tears
Please no smears
More than just a few

This problem is real
Sounding trill
The mind will fill
With a shrill
That will kill

No looking back
This is fact
This beast
Will feast
At the least
Not in kind

On the mind
You might find
From behind
Happens all the time

Wrapped in a fog
Not a dog
Really, stuck in a bog

This problem is real
Break the seal
Takes much will
To beat it

Beat it you can
Take a stand
All in your hands

Control is you
If only for just a few

Where you are going
Only you can be knowing.
Others are just rowing.

Please behold
We are not mold.
Anxiety is real
We need help to heal

Don’t push us away
We have much to say
Don’t always want to play
Could be a bad day

Perfection is our key
This is what people don’t see
We want to be your friend
It takes time to mend

Don’t assume our life
You don’t know our strife

–Bryan Vest

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