Style Switch (poem)

Wrote a prose
Now a poem
Cause it makes me happy

Can I switch it
Man I can
Lets not get sappy

Match it at the front
Catch it on the hunt
Few rhymes are two
But who knew

Two rhymes are few
Boo rhymes too
Queue rhymes are new

Makes you think
Bakes you a drink

Drinks cant bake
Sinks cant cake
This is a rhyme I can make

Double the rhyme
Trouble the time
Not a crime

Think long and hard
Jinx not the yard
Links are not that far

Do it not the same
Two are not a shame
Who are we to blame

Try a different rhyme
Cry a different line
My, a different whine

Try a different style
Buy it for mile
Don’t Lie
You have a great big smile

Now this rhyme is done
How this time is fun
Bowing on the run

–Bryan Vest

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