The Other Rhythm Things (not a poem)

First, a copyright disclaimer.

Every song in this post is copyrighted by me. I mixed all of these songs using Mixcraft 9 and either default samples that came with Mixcraft or legally purchased sample packs. Nothing here was sampled from any song or any other artist. If you do claim infringement on any of these tracks the only reason would be that you or your client used the same sample pack I did. If a claim is filed you will be held liable for all fees and court costs as I can prove that these tracks belong to me. I have the mix source to prove it.

On with the show.

Beyond rhythmic writing, which I now do like every other thing I write. I have always been interested in mixing music. Sometimes I will sit down and the mixer and the melodies flow like water. Other times I can not get a track to come together no matter how long I stare at it. But when I can pull one off they frequently seem to flow pretty well with my mood at the time.

Below I want to share a few of those tracks and the thoughts that go with them..

This first track I started mixing this track one morning when I woke up in a very bad mood for no good reason. Nothing seemed interesting. I was not in the mood for conversation but a melody did form. I did not finish this track that same day. I was about 50% done with it when the want to finish it left me and it went into the finish it later folder. About 6 months later the rest of the melody spontaneously formed in my mind and I finished it.

Serious Sad Synth

Next we move on to a way more upbeat track that I started working on one morning when I had more energy than I knew what to do with. As with most of my other tracks, it was about 3 months from idea to final render.

ADD Mind Attack

This one I tracked to explore multiple rhythm changes and layered rhythms at different beats. Fairly interesting.

Arping Mind Synth

This next one is an interesting dive into heavily driven tube amplifiers mixed with synthesizers and electric guitars and a dance beat track.

Tube Rock Synth 42

Similar to the one above but a different beat with no guitars. This is all synthesizers ran through overdriven tube amplifiers and other digital effects such as delay.

Serious Vacuum Tube Synth

Interesting dive into mixing orchestral samples in with rock and roll drums and a bit of guitar in an EDM format. In my opinion this is one of the more clean of the set. Upbeat with a bit of emotional drag. Also, surprise instrument mixed into the later half. At the end the beats fall out of tune somewhat but I think it adds a dynamic to the tune so I left it that way.

Another One 11 25 2020

These are all I have to share for now. Most of these were started in the later half of 2020 and fnished over the last few months. I have many more waiting in the wings for the time when my mind says, hey I figured out how to finsih that tune. I will share as more are complete.

-Parting Wisdom
–Everybody likes a rhythm–

–Bryan Vest

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