Trees Not Green (poem)

Trees not green
What does it mean
Are we on a team
Nature wants to scream

Sunk in a mire
This situation is quite dire
Floods, fires, heatwaves too
There are too many who knew

Burn a forest tree
Charging just a fee
Maybe make a tee
Where are all the bees

This big planet that we share
No one seems to care
Where are all the bears

To the front we speed
Stealing what we need
Here comes good ole greed

Living with the land
Nature just in hand
Playing with the band
Makes the money mad

Rip the planet up
Offer us a cup
Think were just a pup

See what you’re doing
Everyday you’re skewing
Everything were cuing

This needs to stop
Soon we have no crop
Can you trust a cop

Egos running high
Gotta wonder why
Planet wants to sigh
For sure we won’t be eating rye

Those of us who see it
Often told to beat it
We don’t need it

Money is a sin
And its wearing thin
Punch you on the chin

We have to fix this now
We have to make this chow
Someone show us how

Oh we plead
Stop the greed
Help us feed
Those in need
It is your creed

Once you start to hide
Stepping on my pride
Just to buy your ride
I must deride

Now this rhyme will go
Hope you found the flow
This is how I roll

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