Monday Sun (poem)

Looking out the window upon the morning sun
Pondering its life, watching its glow, does it have fun
The sun does not rise, nor does it set, that is man of son

Glowing mean orange on this day
Does it have something to say
On its way

If it could talk, I am sure we would hear a lot, most won’t care
Bright and powerful shining in the sky, we are its children, we are a pair
For this universe, we all share, for this universe, we should all care

There are those that give no shits, this gives me fits, I don’t see why
Rather buy big things and watch others cry

Think about what you have and not what you want.
If you are reading this you have something others don’t.
Strive for those wants with much speed
But don’t overlook what you need

Remember where you came from while you are going
Don’t stop growing.
Or knowing.

There are those who do not feel this way
Most of them would rather stay
Ignorance bliss is the way

This is what the sun thinks, this is what it would say
If it could talk to me on this day

–Bryan Vest

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