Universal Thoughts (poem)

Out of the blackness of dark, do I hear a cry?
In the back of my mind, do I hear a sigh?
Take a mighty breath and look up to the sky.

Stare into the blackness of night.
Dotted with little points of light.
There is no reason for a fright.

For upon its backbone, we do stand.
All this power is in our hands.
Power to do the things that are grand.
Power to do the things that just pound sand.

Uncaring and unknowing
The universe just keeps flowing.

But is that always true
The universe might know you.

The universe knows us all.
Wrapped up in a little ball
Waiting for us to fall
Hoping we will stall

With the spark of life
The universe tries to unite
Some prefer strife

The universe is not ours to claim
Though some try it for fame
In the wrong name


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