Found the Rhythm(poem)

For many years I felt like I was dead
Nothing right in the head
Nothing made sense except dread

Slogging through the years
Running from the fears
Using all of the tears

Then, one day there was an event
That would start to prevent
The fears that had formed a tent

A tent of fear
That was oh so near
Causing all of this fear

I found a rhythm in my head
No longer did I feel dead
Got out of the bed
No longer feeling the dread

The rhythm is always there
At first, it felt like a bear
The rhythm did not want to share
I had to show my care

The rhythm of life has now taken hold
It does make me quite bold
Quite a sight to behold

Every morning is filled with glory
Every day I have a story

The thoughts, constantly flow
The thoughts, now give me a glow
Sometimes I have to mow

The rhythm is here to stay
I like it much better this way

Focus on the good, not the bad
And this rhythm can be had
Focus on the bad
It will make you quite mad

Sometimes this is hard
I know, my mind was but a shard

Do the best you can
You must ban
Those that ran your life
And those that fan your strife

The road is long and winding
But this path is not binding
Soon you will be finding
The path to good minding

I have hope that you can
I hope that you will fan
Your rhythm in a can
And put it in a pan

Prepare it
Nurture It
Use it

Every day, let that rhythm sing
Every day, let that rhythm ring
Be you, let that rhythm be a king

Use it every day
Use it every way

For the rhythm covers all
For the rhythm can not fall

This is the rhythm of life
Find yours and stand in the light.


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