Story Idea (excerpt)

Below is a raw, unedited excerpt from a story idea I am pondering. No title yet.

“I can’t hold it, he’s too strong.” these words constantly echo through Cedric’s mind as he tries to find a place to hide from the impending doom that approaches from everywhere, yet nowhere at the same time. Ever so slowly it approaches, no encloses Cedric as he still looks for somewhere to run. Having lost their glow through the years of fighting this enemy, his old withered eyes search furtively for any place to run, any place to go, any place to hide, anywhere but here, even death might be better. As always, the search is in vain. The evil black stench and primordial goo envelope Cedric as if sinking in a pit of black tar. Oh, how the dinosaurs must have felt.

The darkness does not start from or go anywhere. It is just there, or there, or there, or over there. It is everywhere. No escape, no hope, just pain and agony beyond belief. Images start to form and dance in mind. Images of grotesque things, images of devils, and demons, witches, creatures beyond belief. Evil chants, evil hymns, the pure evil of everything that is ever known or will be known. Cedric still tries to run though he knows deep down that he is going nowhere.

Though everywhere is black, nothing to be seen, Cedric sees something off in the distance. How is this possible? “How is it possible to see anything in this wicked darkness of pure evil?” Thinks Cedric as he once again tries to dodge one way or the other to get out of the way of whatever is coming towards him. It seems to linger there, just staring, thinking, pondering… possibly judging Cedric. Faster than he can blink, the object is upon him. Catching a glimpse of it just before it grabs him, Cedric sees this grotesque thing that should not exist.

To him, it appears to be a huge disembodied hand that has a mind of its own. The skin had has been stripped off, if it ever had skin. All muscle structure is visible, but the blood looks like it has been replaced with a flowing pulsing black fluid that must be pure evil. This black putrid fluid drips everywhere, slings everywhere, it covers everything. Or is that just the blackness of evil itself? The putrid stench of pure evil approaches even faster with jagged broken fingernails that look like rusty daggers. Cedric tries to run harder, tries to go somewhere, do something, something to get the hell out of here, but it is no good. It seems to even smile at Cedric in that one last second before it grabs him by his throat and jerks him up in the air. But what is up in the air? “Everything is still black everywhere, but somehow I can still see this thing.”, Cedric thinks, as his consciousness starts to fade while this hand of pure evil squeezes the last breath out of his now worthless body.


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