Amends with Friends (Poem)

Dear poetic friends
I come to make amends
I wrote one week then it seemed the end

This is not true
For this is not the end of my spew
Poetic blogging is not the only thing I do

I write code
I throw it in the fold
Make the computer do what its told

As of late
These projects have been my bait
As they are my fate

Write the lines of code I must
You understand, I trust

Rhyming is a gift I have always had
I hid it for too long, quite sad
Could I be the phonetical granddad
Wouldn’t that be rad

Now I must wrap this poem
The code calls me home

Write it I must
You understand, I trust
I must knock off the dust

I will continue to rhyme
In due time
Once the code is mine

Have a wonderful day friends
I hope I have made amends
And you read until the end

–Bryan Vest

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