Don’t Poke (Poem)

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Most of the time my poems are short and clappy
Most of the time my poems are quite happy
Sometimes though, they can get quite scrappy

There are topics hard and tough
Topics where the card is rough
Sometimes words are never enough

Think your thoughts and form your words
Smell the air and listen to the birds

Life is not always easy, this we most know
Life is not always cheesy, sometimes it blows
Life is not always breezy, it can seem like a foe

We all know death is a truth of life
But please not with a knife
Because your life is ripe

Ripe with those that care
Ripe with those that share
And those that are not a bear

Please keep trying
Without denying
There are those trying

How I wish this were true
How I wish they all knew
How I wish they had a clue

For mental illness is not a joke,
Please don’t poke

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