Latest Flood of Poems (Includes Poem)

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I have mentioned in other posts that I can rhyme things pretty well without putting much thought into it. Sometimes I get in this mindset where I rhyme every thing. That is what is currently going on and when it happens I just create a poem out of whatever comes to mind. I work better with short fast rhymes but I come up with long poetic tales of nature, love, and other topics of emotion every now and then. When I am in the mood I start typing and they just flow.

Look around
It can astound
Can be found

The world is full of love
The masters make us shove
Rather peaceful dove

I think most would not fight
If they saw the light
War is not right
Were not so uptight
Things could be so bright

But fight they do
Includes you
Because they choose
Who to screw

Run by a few
Not me or you
We do have a clue
What can we do

People of the Earth unite
People of the Earth do it right
People of the Earth do not fight
Stand together and hold tight
This beast does bite


That one took about 20 minutes. So, who knows how long it will last, but as long as it does expect many more poems.

–Parting Wisdom–
-Rhyme your heart out, make your own words, do it all.

–Bryan Vest

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