Power is Dust (Poem)

grayscale photography of space
Photo by Huebert World on Pexels.com

What people find in power
Can become quite sour
Sometimes requires a shower

With power comes greed
With power comes the need
With power comes the feed

Feed the ego with treachery and lies
This, no one denies
No matter the cries

Cries for help are silenced
Cries for justice are not balanced
Cries for peace
Are just released

Do not forget, we are all human
There are more than two, man
Power may buy you a fan
Power may buy you an island

But power is simple and fleeting
It is the needs of life we should be meeting
The wonders of nature we should be greeting
The warmth of the sun heating

Never forget that the Earth is our mother
Power means nothing to another
When we all return to dust, brother

–Bryan Vest

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