Rhyme Yourself (Poem)

assorted color carp streamers
Photo by Evgeny Tchebotarev on Pexels.com

I can poem in a different style
I can take this poem a mile
Still leave you with a smile
That will last for a long long while
No, I am not in denial
Just relax and wait for the revival

That was six rhymes in a row
Fat word rhymes you didn’t know
That word rhymes with a bow
Sat here and built a flow

Doe is a deer
Stroh’s is a beer
Go over here

Here we are at the complex part
Here is where the rhyme gets smart
Rhyming every other word in part
Is where some great songs start

This line his mind her shine
Mind the line for a time to mix a rhyme
Shine the line for a rhyme mixed in time
Mix in time, mind the line, shine the rhyme,
Rhyme the shine, mix the rhyme, mind the line

This is how I rhyme in a different way
Bend the words to a different sway
Push the limit of my mental clay

Try different things all the time
Try different things to make a rhyme
Try different things to sling a line
Be yourself all the time

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