Blue Eggs and Spam (Poem)

eggs in different colors
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Once upon a time
Someone told me a rhyme

A rhyme from a book of old
The story I was told
Twa’s quite bold

Spoke of ham this rhyme did
Spoke of eggs, maybe on a lid

The color of all was green
It was quite the scene
It was never lean

Now the times have changed
To be sure
There is a cure
And it’s not deranged

For the color will now be blue
We are not using ham, this is true
Spam is a meat and its not
Spam might be good when its hot

But if the eggs are blue
Then it must be true
Spam is for you

We can mix the old and we can mix the new
It only takes a few
In this case, two

Green and blue make cyan
Did our spam come from Cheyenne?
Or was it the Myan?

Mixing meat is not good
Stick to only blue you should

Wait, the eggs are blue, not the spam
Why didn’t I just choose ham

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