I Did Write an E-Book Once

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Once upon a time, many moons ago, about 2011, I got the idea to write a book. Actually, it was a short story, but to me, it was a book. The longest piece of fiction that I had ever written. It was the third or fourth time in my life that I had grown tired and weary of the thankless drudgery that eats at you day and night while working in the world of Information Technology so I decided I would be a writer, an overnight sensation. It didn’t quite work out that way.

I was going to write a book that thousands of people were going to buy. A book that was going to pad my bank account, if only just a little. A book that people would love. A book that would live in infamy as the book that beat all other books. It would be a best seller for ages and take my name into the annals of American literature. Well… Not quite that grandiose, but I hoped it would make a little money.

The book is called “Taking The Fall” by Nathan Streater. And, if you are thinking what I think you are thinking, no that is not my name. When I wrote that book my anxiety problems were much worse than they are now. I could not get comfortable using my own name. So, as you probably have guessed, that is a pen name. 🙂 Though at Amazon it is listed under my full name now. I never updated the book with the new author name, sort of like a Stephen King and Richard Bachman thing, leave it and see what happens when I am rich and famous.

Taking the Fall is one of those stories that, I guess you could say, started on a football field and ended on a baseball field, or maybe a basketball court. It is more of a long short story. 96 pages long with normal formatting.

The story started off with the idea of this IT worker, gee, imagine that, that gets fed up with the system and goes on a vigilante rampage against the systems that he feels have trapped him. Sort of like what cyberpunk would have been if it happened in the 2011 that we know. Full on hack the planet on a global scale, no computers can stop him. In the end it takes another hacker. They have a hack off of all hack offs and the world is saved. But, after the first few paragraphs, it started to veer from that route. A movie mash-up to explain the original idea would be, Hackers + The Matrix + anything by Dale Brown. You should check out his book Flight of the Old Dog. It is a great military tale full of technology, espionage, and suspense.

But no, for some reason my story started to lean towards our hero, Jack the computer nerd, landing the girl of his dreams, getting mixed up with the wrong crowd, losing everything, living on the skids, getting mixed up with more bad people under the false pretense of fixing his situation, almost losing his girlfriend and unborn child and his race to save them all.

How the hell it ended up there I have no clue.

I wrote this story in 6 days. Every day after work for 6 days I would lock myself in the bedroom with my then 3-year-old iMac and an Apple Magic Keyboard. From 5:30pm until 11pm every night for 6 days I cranked away at the sentences. The sentences turned into paragraphs. The paragraphs turned into pages and then on to chapters and, after 6 days a finished story. And it sucked.

My children are all prolific readers. My daughter sometimes reads 3 or more books per week. My son absorbs everything he reads like a sponge and has a vocabulary that would make some professors blush. He astounds me at times. So, as you are probably thinking, I had them read it. I told them to be honest because if they couldn’t follow it, no one could follow it. And they did, and they told me it was an ok story but mainly there was a lot of confusion because I frequently jumped from past to present when referring to what someone was doing, or did. I still have this issue if I am not careful, not sure why.

So with this in mind, I read the whole thing again making those changes where needed. They read it again and said it looked much better. I read it again and said, no it sucks. But, as we all know, we are our own worst critics so I published it anyway.

In the first week, I got an amazing, 0 sales. In the first 6 months, I got an amazing, 0 sales. At one point I put it up for free, 10 people downloaded it. No one left any comments. At this time it still has 0 sales and I think still just 10 looks.

But, time goes on and a lot can change in 11 years. In that time I learned to deal with that part of my anxiety. So, I present you, “Taking the Fall” by Charles Vest. It is a free read if you have Kindle Unlimited or 0.99USD if you purchase it.

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