Pondering the Elite Dangerous Universe (Poem)

As I prepare to leap into the night
It is the Universe I question without fright

Why are we here, where should we go
Things only the Universe could know
Until we properly grow

It toys with us and makes us wonder
What rock did we crawl from under
With the help of some thunder

Check the controls and lock the seat
Power the engines and feel the heat
This is not a repeat

Search the map and lock the star
It is really not that far
Maybe in a car

It is my ship
That will make the trip
With me in tow
A thing this big I can not row

This ship is heavy and big
It needs much fuel for this gig

Scoop the fuel into the tanks
Not too close, we don’t want smoked franks
Much thanks

To find the answers we seek
To the Universe we must speak
It’s just across the creek

The creek of space deep and black
The creek of space we must hack

Hit the button right in front
We’re off to the hunt

Feel the power start to grow
Watch the engines start to glow
Hear the computer start to crow

5 says there are answers left to know
4 says let the power flow
3 says this wont be slow
2 the computer crows
1 says hold on its time to GO

Splitting space with an eerie light
Opening a tunnel with much might

Twenty seconds is all we wait
Until we arrive at the gate

The gate of a new system star
It was quite far

Twenty light years or more
This is how we score

Elite Dangerous is the world I explore
Science to the core

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