There is The Light (Poem)

brown and green grass field during sunset
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Somewhere off in the distance, is that a flash I see?
Through the dark and gloom, could it be?
The years of suffer and torment, dealt to me.
Extracted a huge mental fee.

Day in
Day out
The dark wins
An anxiety bout
Years of fear
Years of doubt
Yes my dear
I am allowed to pout

I have dealt with more than you will ever see
I hold these memories like a tree
Will I ever be free?

Sleepless nights
Long dragging days
Towards the light I fight
In so many ways

Yes, somewhere in the distance, that is a flash I see
Somewhere over there, buzzing like a bee

It is the light I crave?
Is it only a knave?
Will it save?

Will it save me?
Save me from me
Because I am that tree

Reaching for the rays that warm
Reaching for a new mental form

A form without anxiety or stress
A form that I don’t have to guess
A form that I request

Anxiety is not a joke, it is quite real
But there is hope for us to once again feel

Remember always, even in your darkest hour
That not all things have to be sour

You will find your light too
As it has always been in you

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