Rhyme 43 (Poem)

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The time is now upon our minds. For me to write what I might. Creating my own kind. Something so tight, just that bright. What I create. Not what you will find. The measure is crazy. That is in my mind. This will flow in some way, all of the time. Form a bind. Every other sentence will rhyme.

This is harder than it looks. Linking in rhyme. But it makes for good books. When you have the time. Going for the second rhyme instead of the first. Drop all those words in a burst. This kind of rhyme is not a curse.

I am writing this because it works the brain. Makes the ideas flow like rain. When you have to think in rhyme, your brain can dance in time. In time with the line that will flow so fine, like a well-aged wine.

Writing in this long, drawn-out way will make your brain say, hey. You must think and connect new words, creating neuron herds. Logic uses one side, rhythm uses the other. Together they ride, with one another.

The words can get quite dense to rhyme a sentence that makes sense. Tear down the fence, make it intense. The topic can be you; the topic can be two. The topic can be a few, it’s all up to you. Just think in rhyme, all the time, for every line, it will be fine, your mind will dine, this is your sign.

Now it’s time for this rhyme to close, as I return to prose. I hope this post has opened your mind, to the power of the rhyme. Off I go to the land of Ho Ho Ho.

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