The Land Not Yours (Poem)

lightning and tornado hitting village
Photo by Ralph W. lambrecht on

Lazily I gaze across the outcrops towards the deep red sunset that I have come to expect
Over the cliffs, over the crags, through the valleys, past the vents, to the edge, I respect
They can’t see me, but I am here, I am there, I see them, I watch them, what is it they inspect
Most seem nice, they look and explore, maybe like mice, but I do implore, look no more, we must protect

The rumors of old have told us that one brings more, one brings a sore, one becomes a chore
We have a way of life, we do not live in strife, we do not need your help, nor to hear your whelp, this is not a door
We are peaceful and easy, you are mean and greasy, you are not what you seem, you have a team, this is our home, this is where we roam, why are you in our core

The core of our beliefs, the fear there will be more, lies of relief, make my head sore
We have done nothing wrong, you lie to us with a song, this is wrong, something we can not ignore, so please find the door
The damage is done, this was far from fun, we can’t even run, you had a gun

Take our land, tell us pound sand, kill our kin, to you its not a sin, all about the win
In the end, nature will not bend, you may think you have won, but you don’t own the sun, time for you to run
The nature that we worship, the nature that will sink your ship, nature does not take any lip.

Once this lesson you see, closer to comfort you will be, as we learned a long time in the past, nature will whip your ass.

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