Where the Poems Roam (Poem)

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Photo by Brooke Lewis on Pexels.com

A poem is on my mind
A poem all the time

From where it comes I am unaware
But it is always there

Sometimes whimsical and short
Sometimes deep and full of retort

Keeping the words in time
Keeping the words in rhyme
This is how we bind

Do we speak of a love longingly lost
Or speak of a deep winter frost
Or perchance the cost

Write of the heavens and beyond
Write of the ancients fanned with a frond

Sometimes the lines that rhyme are two
Sometimes the lines are a few
Sometimes the mood is blue
But the lines are always true

True from the heart and mind
Truth in a world that can leave you in a bind

Our words are a powerful force
Sometimes they can seem quite coarse
Or maybe worse

But this is not why we write
We don’t want to start a fight
We want to spark a light

A light through our writing
A light without fighting
The words we are sighting

Sighting the words and phrases
Sifting through the hazes
Sometimes the work amazes

Keep writing your verse
Don’t be terse

This is how the mind expands
This is what the mind demands
It is all in your hands

Write your heart out
Please don’t pout
Always be stout
And have no doubts

What you write belongs to you
Though you can share it with two
Or a few
If only they knew

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