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Before any grammar police start to flame on the title of this post, just let me explain. Yes, I know poem is a noun. Please don’t frown. I will explain it all before we get out of town.

But, seriously, or was I serious before? Only I can know for sure. Now, everyone laugh with me while we get to the real crux of this post so no one will snore.

Everyone has their own way of expressing their art. Weather this is through poetry, painting, music, writing the perfect academic journal article, singing, dancing, or whatever else you do that you consider to be an art, well then it is an art. This world is yours, you are smart. Everyone has their thing, everyone can’t sing. Oh but yes we can, because sing is a verb. Weather you sing on paper or through numbers, or artistically cut cucumbers, and put them in tumblers, we are all wonders. Programmers type lines, some people make signs, some polish until it shines.

When most people that I know of come up with an idea for a poem it is generally based on some kind of idea that they have. Be that fear, love, sickness, nature, science fiction, your daily life, really, anything, the idea does not matter it is that idea that spawns the poem. Once they have the idea then most start to wrap words around the idea. In most cases my mind does not create poems this way, it creates poems from a single word and then builds the idea around the word.

Just this morning I put out a poem called The Sun Now Shines (Poem). The whole thing started with the word Earth. I then started wrapping lines around Earth and came up with rebirth, and hearth. After making these connections I filled in the rest of the sentence then started thinking of a similar topic to the first line that would allow me to flow into the next line. Through every line it is always finding the words that rhyme to keep the flow going. I do use the dictionary a lot, as I do know a lot of words but not always the definitions to those words. You can not just use random words because they sound the same, well in some cases you can, but you also need to rhyme that word. When working with any art we are free to bend the rules, with poetry and rhyming we can accentuate words in a way where they still retain their meaning but rhyme where in their natural form they would not.

I explained the way my mind sees this to my wife this way. It is sort of like I have a card catalog of words in my head that I flip through to look for a rhyme. For instance with Earth, I started trying to rhyme at A, well nothing there, then on to B, well at B we have birth, awesome, Earth and birth, we have start. Then I think, well C, D,E, nothing F, I could have wedged fourth in there, but nothing to connect to, G, girth, but no connector. Then on to H, ahhhh hearth, hearth has something to do with fire, the sun is on fire, work it on, and that is what I did. And so on. Then when I feel that line is complete it starts all over again on the next verse with the added complexity of making the idea match the previous verse. I believe the way I do this has to do with being primarily taught to read phonetically at a time when the schools were not teaching it.

This is all about keeping the human mind in a pattern. Think about all of the mobile games available in this day and age that keep people’s attention for hours. It is all because of patterns. We as humans are easily controlled by patterns as they bring comfort to the brain. If the patterns are in time with the mind that is experiencing them it can become almost addictive as there is a bit of dopamine release when our mind figures out the pattern. Think about all good music, or a good movie, or almost anything else we enjoy, there are patterns there. The patterns move up, they move down, the move all around. The end result of a good experience is to bring the user into your world with patterns that soothe the brain and then subtle or hard cut changes that make the brain figure out a new pattern, then return them to the old pattern that they already know. Think about it, this is how all entertainment works. Sports take away these patterns which is why some people prefer that. It is an ever changing pattern, much brain excitement.

Most do not notice these patterns other than to say “hey, that’s a good song”, or to look at a piece of majestic art and shed a tear. It is all about patterns, patterns play with emotions, mess with hormones, dopamine, serotonin, and many other parts of the human body. We are very sensual creatures and it is all controlled in the brain. Give the brain a good pattern and you have a platinum best seller.

It does not matter what you use to create this pattern, the world is your canvas. Just remember that not everyone is going to get your pattern, but there are many that will. Don’t shut down or change your art to appease the masses, remember, there is only one Mona Lisa.

Charge forth into your day, friends of the rhyme.

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