The Sun Now Shines(Poem)

waterfalls during sunset
Photo by Sachin C Nair on

Good morning children of Earth.
Welcome to the time of rebirth as light cracks the night like fire on the hearth.

Hope you had a good night, hope you didn’t fight, savor the light.
Sun overtakes the dark, there sings a lark, this is our mark.

Mark of a new day, the mark of a new sway, the mark that makes you say hey.
Hey this is a new day, mark of a new way, darkness fades away.
The day and time matter not, this rhyme says this is a new spot.

A new spot to make your mark, a new spot to step out of the dark, I still hear that lark.

The day is yours, to make many tours, and find the viewers.
Your ideas are great, do not berate, or sit on a crate.
Always have to add some humor, mate.

Take your ideas to the max, but remember to relax, this is not a tax.
Enjoy the day as it comes to you, maybe pay for two.

Let the artist out or it will pout and become a lout.
You have your art and I have mine, but together we can rhyme.
And now we have the time, as the Sun now shines.

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