Bart’s Little Cart (Story Poem)

brown carriage wheel
Photo by Engin Akyurt on

The little cart sits alone, little cart can not roam.
Little cart can not move, little cart has no groove
Watching from the edge, watching from behind the hedge
Little cart wants to play, on this fine day

Little cart tries as hard as he can, little cart needs a hand
Little cart can hold many things, little cart could be a king
Little cart can not sing, nor can little cart zing

Little cart wants to cry, oh how little cart wants to try

Little Bart sits alone, little Bart does not roam
Little Bart has no cart, little Bart does have a heart
Little Bart wants to help the others, little Bart has many brothers

Looking towards the edge, looking towards the hedge, is that a wedge?
Over by the tree, what does little Bart see, could it be?
Little Bart runs with all of his heart straight towards little cart.
He grabs the handle and off they run, now they can both have fun.

–Bryan & Rhonda Vest
January 22nd, 2022

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