Earth Family Trust (Poem)

person holding world globe facing mountain
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Deep and serious are the poems that some like in tomes.
Deep thoughts about life and being alive, thoughts about strife and the drive.
The drive of life is deep an engrained, the drive of life is random like a spring rain

Humans are picky creatures with many features, we all need teachers not in the bleachers.
How to read and write
How to seed without blight
How to lead without fight
How to bead and do it right
Many things to succeed, take us to a great height

All teaching seems right in its own way, but maybe not today.
Moving forward at a fast pace, yes this is a race
A race to do the right thing
Not get lost in the ring

The human mind is vast and smart, it is quite a work of art
Nurture it we must, without distrust, knock off the dust

We are all a part of this game of life
We are all humans and we are rife
Rife with good intent, though I think some should repent

We are all humans in the end, across the world or around the bend.
From the same stock we come, this great big Earth is where we are from
Own this planet we do not, work together like a family is our spot.

Our leaders do not see this path, they do not like the math, they practice wrath
They destroy the plant for money, even the wonderful bees and their honey
Resources are hoarded, we are retorted, then sorted

Sorted by class, sorted by mass, sorting is quite crass
We are on this planet at the same time, sorting like this is a crime

It takes billions to keep this world running, not much funning.
Humans are the billions, who make the trillions, for the villains’

Corporations own this planet, and the leaders happily plan it.

Come together we must, come together in trust, without the corporate lust
In the end, this is how we win, this can free us of sin, we are all kin.

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