Hunting Beer (Poem)

a man shooting on a moving target
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

My wife said rhyme a country song, I probably could but it would be wrong.
My wife said write a country tune, I said I would try but don’t have a clue.
My wife said, it’s just trucks and bucks and something about beers, I said, ok, here goes, I have no fears

Lets rhyme a country song about trucks and big tires
Lets rhyme a country song, there might be buyers
I don’t drink beer so I can only guess the gear
Look, is that a deer?

Grab the gun off the rack, gonna shoot this deer in the back
Get the bullets from the box, damn, now I see a fox
I’m gonna get them both with one shot, cause I’m just that hot

Get the fox first and then the deer
Here, hold my beer

WAIT! that’s not a fox, that’s just a box
That’s not a deer that’s my gear
I shouldn’t hunt and drink beer

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