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A year or so ago I had some grand idea for a literature review type of website. While pondering this idea I bought the domain The project fizzled out but I still own the domain. After spending some time browsing through independent writing sites such as Quora and Medium I have spawned a new idea for this domain.

Over the last 6 years or so I have become very familiar with building, maintaining, and writing kick-ass queries for the Elasticsearch platform. In the end, I became so versed in the platform I ended up working for Elastic for 2.5 years. So, I think I have a pretty good grasp of how Elasticsearch and its document scoring system works. This, along with my love for writing has brought this domain name into my head for a project more in line with what I and many others are writing.

The concept is simple. The idea is not for this to be a writing platform, there are many services that have that covered. The idea behind this is to make it an article incubator. Sort of like what StumbleUpon was doing in their heyday, but more refined and only catering to independent creators who would like a simple way to push their content in front of more viewers. Those reading the content, who do not have to register, can score the articles, Elasticsearch and the back-end code will take care of the rest. I have thought about scoring bots and artificial pushing up of article votes through other means. The Elasticsearch scoring system can easily mitigate these risks with properly structured queries.

The system will use document keyword scoring along with user voting and sentiment processing to offer readers a better filter into what they are reading. The hope is to the human curation element out of the loop.

Articles listed on this platform that are behind a paywall will be scored lower as the sentiment processor can not function fully as it needs access to the whole document. The system will also have a mode that shows articles, old and new, based on what the current hot topics on Twitter are. Assigning article weights can be based on anything I can get a metric from.

The final deal is to offer writers and readers a new platform to browse the news, opinions, project ideas, poetry, and, well any other Internet-accessible media content that the community sees fit.

I have some logistical details to work out on this project but am writing this post to gauge interest and catalog any feature requests that are made wherever I post this.

The end caveat is that the system charges no money but also the system pays no money. The system will not try to steal your information or sell any information that it does have. The sole purpose of this system is a place to list and view great masterpieces of artistic work through an unbiased platform that is not overloaded with spam and “do what I did” articles unless that is what you choose to see.

Leave any thoughts or ideas on this project in the comments or replies wherever you find it.

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