ReFound Writing (Poem)

Abstract Planet Surface – Bryan Vest – 2021

This morning I need to write, this is my plight
Posts get complex and long, then I stop to write a song
Its not a song, it is a poem of thought, still not wrong, still not taught
The love to write and craft words is what I look towards
For I am a writer, always have been, I promise you will be quite delighted until the end

For a while life took me down a different path, I did a lot of math
Fixing email and the websites for those that often bite
Writing the code, breaking the mold, getting lost in the fold, it gets quite old
Break my mind it did, and then I slid, then I hid

Slid into a state of depression, I had lost my profession

Then I thought, there is this thing I was taught, that can’t be bought
This thing that is great and cant be beat
This thing that I have known for a long while
This thing I decided to take a mile
This thing I found with a smile

Back to writing I would go
Back to writing the flow
This I had not done in a while
This thought still made me smile
To write things for all to read, this made sense to me
Write with the rhyme and without, write all about.

This is my blog and I can do what I want, no corporate beast to enchant
Writing in my own way on my own time, sometimes spinning a rhyme

I have a lot to say, I have a unique way, I may talk about the bay or the month of May
What I say matters not, as long as all my readers think its hot.

–Bryan Vest
January 23rd, 2022

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