The Love (Poem)

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What is love but a flicker in the night
What is love but the one you hold tight
What is love, the answer is above
Though love does have a core, please read more

Love you can’t define, love you can’t design, love is quite divine
You can’t fake it, you can’t take it, but you can make it
Love can be short and sweet like the taste of a treat
Love can be long and winding like a marriage binding

Binds of marriage, will create a love carriage
Bound as husband and wife, create a love life
Partners bound with love oh so rife
Partners bound without strife
Partners bound through love, peaceful like a dove

With peace and love the bound will last, just don’t go too fast.
Patience and humility, virtues of love, don’t ever shove
Through good times and bad, love can always be had
Remember the good through the bad, try not to be sad

The love will find you when its time
The love will find you when there is a rhyme
The love will find you find you, its all fine

Now this poem will close
I hope you find a rose
Smell it with your nose
Write it in a prose

Love is all around
Love is abound
Stop and feel the ground
Things are not as bad as they sound
Love will be found

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