Falling Planet (Poem 8)

Elite Dangerous — Bryan Vest — 2021

For what do the the tall slender trees of the earth owe their majesty
Strong and tall, suckling mother earth for the fluid of life
Depending on the universe and heavens for light
Do they sleep at night

From seed to mighty masters of the sky they tower above all, and are just
Do they hear us?
Do they see what we do?
Do they even care?
I tell you they do, if I dare

Trees large and beautiful reach for the Universe and ask they do
Ask they do, why there are so few
Ask they do, why no on understands their view
Ask they do, if the humans understand they will stew

We try our best to plead
Man just makes us bleed
Forests wiped out of greed
Still we bleed
The planet suffers, can’t you see

Trees, the life of this Earth
Without them there is no birth
Without them there is no hearth
Without them there is no turf
Without them, what are we worth?

You have been warned by the trees
You have been warned by the bees
This planet is falling to its knees

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