Is This a Poem? (Poem)

Rural Ohio Farm — Bryan Vest –2019

Some seem to not like poems with a rhyme, I understand, we are all different
For me, a poem without a rhyme, is like a bird without a song a morning without a sunrise
Oh how my mind looks for the rhyme when it is time to tap into the primordial human soup
The soup that is us, the soup that give us our uniqueness, our crafts, our want and will to be human
Is this a poem? I am not sure, I guess it depends on how you define poem
But you don’t define a poem, you write a poem, write it from the heart
You could do a haiku, but what is it really?

A thought from the mind?
A thought from the heart?
A thought from the Universe?
A thought from your soul?
A thought from the heavens straight through to you?

No one knows what a poem is except the one who is writing it
The hope is that others will understand the message you are sending no matter now how you write it
This is not a story, this is not an article, this is not a get rich quick post, these are thoughts straight from me to the reader
So I ask again dear readers, is this a poem or just random ravings of a lunatic that has too much to say?

I only seek to share knowledge and thoughts in this world turned upside down by corruption and madness
I only seek to share my feelings and emotions in this world turned upside down by racism and bigotry.
I only seek to write these words to offer hope and support to those turned sideways by this world.
So I ask again dear readers, is this a poem or just the words of loving and caring individual trying to see the light in this world?

The question is the answer is the question, so I end this writing with an ask.
Is this a poem?

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