Morning Poem Take 19 (Poem)

Sun on The Channel — Bryan Vest — 2018

Looking across the snow covered field towards the dawn of a new day
Looking across the snow covered field towards my thinking of a new way
The sun cracks the sky like a glowing red sword, a new piece of clay

As the new day starts and fresh ideas take hold remember to be bold
Bold in who you are
Bold, even if you don’t have a car
Bold, because our Sun is a star
Bold, because you know you will go far

Though some mornings seem dreary and sad
There are sill good moments to be had
Please don’t be mad
Try to be glad

Glad for what you have and what you will craft
Glad that you will eventually laugh
Glad that you are not stuck on an ocean raft

If you awaken on this morning then you have something that others do not
You have a life and a morning, you can go off on a trot
But don’t forget about the others who have not

Be happy that you are not in a dive
Be happy that you have the drive
Be happy and spin that jive

Above all else
Be happy that on this morning you are still alive

–Bryan Vest
January 25th, 2020

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