The Akashic Library – We All Have It

The Candle of Thought –Bryan Vest — 2017

Through my many years of dealing with anxiety I followed many paths to get relief from a mind constantly in turmoil. Of course as other posts mention I hit my shit limit with medications a few years ago, especially SSRI’s. Through the years of being on and off medications, sometimes listening to the doctor, sometimes trying my own things, I dabbled in and out of different types of meditation. One of those journeys took me down a path of meditation attached to a group that call themselves the 1,111 believers. The 1,111 has nothing to do with how many members were in the group. I think when I was talking with them there were maybe 80 people in this specific group. The 1,111 is a count of what they referred to as the guardian angels, the light bringers, and soul guides ,along with a few other names, depending on the context. This goes along with the 11:11 pattern. Search this on the Internet and you will get thousands of results on trying to explain what the 11:11 phenomena is. The way I understand it from their perspective is that it is these guardian angels trying to get your attention. Why they are trying to get your attention is completely up to your interpretation but the pattern does seem to show up in the oddest places.

My analytical mind has a problem accepting this because it would mean accepting something that has no rational basis. But even now this pattern does tend to show up when I am high stress situations. It is no doubt something for you to research, but the 11:11 patterns are not exactly why we are here, though somewhat related. For a quick look into what most of these groups follow, have a look at this wiki link for The Urantia, it is sort of like a religious work similar to the bible but leans heavily towards spiritual philosophy and science. The main difference between this book and other religious texts is this one was written in the mid 1900’s in Chicago Illinois, it is an interesting look into another facet of spirituality. Alas, we are not here to discuss a physical religious text. We are here to discuss the Akashic Library, Record, Construct, or any other number of names that have been attached to the Library of Universal Knowledge.

I have always been a believer that the human mind in the past has been much more powerful and humanitarian based than it is now. The powers that be, including all structured religions have done their best to retrain our mind to be less powerful than theirs. This has nothing to do with intelligence, you can be the most book smart person in the world and still be an idiot when it comes to the human condition, even your own. This is what the system needed, this is what the system created. Over many centuries of systematic conditioning by our “leaders”, who are heavily swayed by different sects of the Christian religion, I believe we have lost the ability to access the Akashic Library, and this is exactly how they wanted it.

If you do an Internet search for Akashic Library you will find many, many, many entries that attempt to explain what it is. The thing is that, well, its not a thing, so you can’t find it that way. You can’t physically see it, or touch it, or smell it, or taste it, at least not while still bound to the physical world, and that is the key. This is the reasons leaders and religion do not like it, wish it would go away and fight it, they can’t control it.

Through my studies and years of practicing different types of meditation I have found the Akashic Library is not a place, or a thing, it is a state of being.

On top of the programming by the system we have also been deprogrammed. The ability to reach the Akashic state has been beaten out of so many over the ages that if you bring it up now you are seen as a heretic in the eyes of the religious system and just a crazy fucker in the eyes of everyone else. There have been songs written about this.

In the end it is so simple it is hidden in plain sight. Finding your true center through meditation will open this tome of knowledge to you. But, there are a few caveats about this that, at least in the Western world, many can not understand, this gets worse every minute.

This one simple point is you don’t go get the library, you cant have it right now when you want it, you have to wait for it to come to you through devout meditation which eventually leads to the ability to be one with yourself. Some call this centering, some call this mindful meditation, some call it the complete silence of the world, your world, your mind, your thoughts.

We think too much, we have been conditioned this way by the system. We are forced to think about so many things that in the end are inconsequential to the big picture that we do not have time to not think. But, if you step out of that proverbial box and realize that this system was designed to put everyone in the same box except for those who teach the deprogramming lessons then it starts to make sense why people that talk about deep meditation and access to universal knowledge are often looked upon as crazy or heretical. So, most just keep their mouth shut, their minds closed and go on about doing what the system tells them to do. If you are having a spiritual conflict, well, there is a pill somewhere for that. A pill that helps in that reprogramming instead of using the full power of the mind to get your conflict under control. If you can’t get ’em with church get ’em with pills is the way it looks to me.

The subconscious part of the human mind is always active, even when we are sleeping. But it is, for the most part, separate of the conscious mind. But, the subconscious part of the mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind, it thinks about all kinds of things and throws them away 24 hours per day every day, even when you are sleeping. It is up to the conscious mind to filter what the subconscious mind comes up with and only allow through what it thinks are thoughts good to your current situation, but the subconscious comes up with much more.

Accessing the Akashic library can be a complex task, but can be done by everyone, and it gets more easy over time. Though it is very hard for some people to pull out of their conditioning. To make this connection a few things have to happen. The conscious mind, subconscious mind, and your human spark all need to bind to each other at the same time. But there are a few realizations that need to be made before you can ever get to that point.

First, it is not yours, you can’t take it, you can’t have it now, you can’t buy it. The harder you try to get there the further away it will be. But, once you get there you can give it away. I practiced meditation for years and only made this connection once. Though my meditation practice was spotty, that one time I did achieve a full meditative state things were so calm and peaceful and I did figure out a few of my anxiety issues by just relaxing and letting the state of nothing flow through me. And this is what it comes down to. A full state of nothingness. This is what allows all parts of the human psyche to come together into what some call the Akashic Library. But, going back to the first line of this paragraph, so many people think they can buy their way into the higher state, but you can’t. You have to slow down, realize that your material junk is worth nothing in the big scheme of things, realize that you can’t make this to come to you, you have to wait for it to come to you and it may take days, weeks, months, or years.

As time marches on patience is becoming a rare trait. The system loves it this way because as long as your mind is filled with impatience and the race for material things the chances of you having the realizations brought about by complete nothingness and the Akashic records are pretty rare.

We are all as close to the creator as anyone else, though many in the upper ranks of structured religion would have you believe that they are the conduit to the higher knowledge. But this is far from true, it is in everyone of us. There are just many that need to realize that the power is in them and always has been. We all just need to relearn how to access it. It is part of our past, it has always been here, it will always be here because it is what makes us human. But there are always those that want to steal our humanities with false idols, greed, ego, false promises, and whatever else they can come up with to continue short circuiting this trifecta of human power that they are so afraid of.

–Bryan Vest

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