Mom’s Flowers (Poem 1)

Upon the shelf I see a flower vase
Right there next to the book case
Below the nook face

This flower vase is empty and dry
Sometimes this vase makes me cry
Oh why did the flowers have to die
I only wanted to say hi

This vase of flowers was a gift
This vase of flowers filled a rift
This vase of flowers gave a lift

This vase of flowers was from my brother
This vase of flowers, in remembrance of our mother

My mother, who stood strong and tall
My mother, who beat them all
My mother, on who I could always call
My mother, who could be quite raw

My mother who had no fear
My mother who shed no tear
My mother has passed out of here

Flowers in a vase were was given to me
Flowers in a vase is what I say to thee
Flowers in a vase
Flowers I need to replace

Replace the flowers fresh and new
Replace the flowers just for you
Replace the flowers, don’t be blue

–Bryan Vest –2020

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