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I have left this page blank for a long time. To be truthful I was not sure how long I would keep with writing when I first started this venture. As I am now up to my neck writing I figured it was time to finish this About page so people can know who and what they are reading.

To know where this writing is coming from I present the following information about, well, me. I have survived for 40 years and raised a family, including 3 children, while dealing with undiagnosed hyper-vigilant PTSD. I just received the correct diagnosis 3 years ago. This tends to change my outlook on a lot of things. Not trusting people for 40 years will make you question everything. These questions sometimes bring realizations that others are not seeing or do not want to admit. 

Before taking a much needed break and deciding to go 150% into my writing I worked in the Information Technology field for over twenty years. I worked on everything from desktop computers and laptops to 1000 node machine learning clusters serving some of the biggest names in retail and health care. From 100Mhz personal computers in 1994 on to dial up and 33.6kbs in 2001 to the latest ML platforms in 2021. As far as the Internet is concerned I pretty much did it all, heard it all, and saw it all as it happened. My experience goes back much further, these are just the things I have done professionally.

These many years of life experiences give me a lot to draw on and this is what you get when you follow my writing.

It may be an opinion, a poem that could sprout many different legs or a work of fiction that goes from the highest mount to the deepest depths of hell. Maybe my flavor of the day is an opinion piece on the Millennial generation gap… Oh, I already did that one here Where the Generations Roam (Introducing the Zen Generation).

So this is the end of my about me. Check through the rest of the blog to get my views on some other things and the massive amounts of poetry.

You never know what I may write tomorrow…. Stay tuned…

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