The Humans Before (Rough Draft)

Chapter 1What is it? “Initiating high gravity approach sequence.” Alerts the friendly sounding female voice that Greg had heard so many times over the last few years. “Yeah, I know you annoying machine.” mutters Gregg as he is snapped out of his day dream so as to prepare for the landing recently announced by the… Continue Reading →

Mom’s Flowers (Poem 1)

Upon the shelf I see a flower vaseRight there next to the book caseBelow the nook face This flower vase is empty and drySometimes this vase makes me cryOh why did the flowers have to dieI only wanted to say hi This vase of flowers was a giftThis vase of flowers filled a riftThis vase… Continue Reading →

Electritar Flow (Song Mix)

This is another experimental track that I started on a few months ago. As always I try to use samples from different sets and mix them into something that sounds like a song. My wife often tells me that they would be good for television commercials or documentaries. She’s probably right. Either way, here is… Continue Reading →

What is Blue (Poem 6)

What is life to you?Is it the color blue?That is for you to choose. Life winds and bends down many paths and roadsLife twists and turns, sometimes you lift many loadsLife can seem like a big truck of toads But the color you choose is up to youEven if that color is blueChoices are not… Continue Reading →

What is an Empath?

As we all know, the Internet is full of everyone’s wonderful opinions about, well, everything. Everything from how to write your articles and posts to sound just like them, or maybe game the system to get a few more followers. On from there we could find posts about investing in crypto currency and the current… Continue Reading →

Find a Tree (Mental Health Poem)

Refreshing walk Neurons talk Anxieties sulk Walk with me Find a tree Anxieties flee Tree of the Earth Tree of great girth Tree of grounding and rebirth Plant a mental tree Find it when you need to flee It will help anxiety It does help me –Bryan Vest 2022

Scary Torch (Very Short Fiction)

In the deep, dark, musty corner of the humid dripping basement of the house is a torch. Barely flickering, the torch looks sad and forlorn. Old and used up. Sputtering to put out any light at all, like a sad relic of the past. Yet it is still lit. How can that be? No one… Continue Reading →

Return to Earth (Short Poem)

Wafting up to the skyWithout a thought or a whyDisappearing soonProbably before noonReturn to the EarthGive a rebirthGlinting in the SunNowhere to runAlmost doneLooking like a dreamFilling the seamWhat I rhyme about is steam –Bryan Vest 2022

Random (ShortPoem)

Loosing focus, time for a rhyme What shall we explore this time Programming or physics Blogging or heuristics Poeming or big sticks It doesn’t matter what you do Just be you You for you Then you know who –Bryan Vest2020

The Akashic Library – We All Have It

Through my many years of dealing with anxiety I followed many paths to get relief from a mind constantly in turmoil. Of course as other posts mention I hit my shit limit with medications a few years ago, especially SSRI’s. Through the years of being on and off medications, sometimes listening to the doctor, sometimes… Continue Reading →


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