The Humans Before (Rough Draft)

Chapter 1What is it? "Initiating high gravity approach sequence." Alerts the friendly sounding female voice that Greg had heard so many times over the last few years. "Yeah, I know you annoying machine." mutters Gregg as he is snapped out of his day dream so as to prepare for the landing recently announced by the... Continue Reading →

Scary Torch (Very Short Fiction)

A woman holds and umbrella with fire sparks flying around her. In the deep, dark, musty corner of the humid dripping basement of the house is a torch. Barely flickering, the torch looks sad and forlorn. Old and used up. Sputtering to put out any light at all, like a sad relic of the past.... Continue Reading →

Riding The Frame

The soothing female voice of the computer announces each step as it goes through the final system checks. "Power Plant Operating at 100%, Power Usage 35%", "Power Distributor Operating at 100%"Life Support Operating at 100%", "Hull Plating Integrity 100%", "All systems at 100%", "Ready for thruster powerup." I could have turned off the voice announcements;... Continue Reading →

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