Mom’s Flowers (Poem 1)

Upon the shelf I see a flower vaseRight there next to the book caseBelow the nook faceThis flower vase is empty and drySometimes this vase makes me cryOh why did the flowers have to dieI only wanted to say hiThis vase of flowers was a giftThis vase of flowers filled a riftThis vase of flowers... Continue Reading →

What is Blue (Poem 6)

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on What is life to you?Is it the color blue?That is for you to choose.Life winds and bends down many paths and roadsLife twists and turns, sometimes you lift many loadsLife can seem like a big truck of toadsBut the color you choose is up to youEven if that color... Continue Reading →

What is an Empath?

Fairy Garden - Bryan Vest - 2020 As we all know, the Internet is full of everyone's wonderful opinions about, well, everything. Everything from how to write your articles and posts to sound just like them, or maybe game the system to get a few more followers. On from there we could find posts about... Continue Reading →


Creating a Blog post out of one of my more uplifting songs. Maybe it will help some lift out of a dour day. EDM, synth heavy. Have a Wonderful day.

Story Idea (excerpt)

Below is a raw, unedited excerpt from a story idea I am pondering. No title yet. "I can't hold it, he's too strong." these words constantly echo through Cedric's mind as he tries to find a place to hide from the impending doom that approaches from everywhere, yet nowhere at the same time. Ever so... Continue Reading →

My Kitty (poem)

Kitty scratching in the boxMaybe thinking she's a foxShe didn't eat the rocksKitty chilling with a purrNot dealing with a burrThis kitty has black furHad the kitty for a timeFeel the need to make a rhymeNo, this is not a crimeMy kitty is not a catNot having thatKitty is more funCats often runKitty in the... Continue Reading →

New Found Energy

Looking back on yesterday, I think it was my most active blogging day in the history of my blogging life. Something about starting to rhyme things again seems to have struck a chord in my imagination. I say again because there was a time when I would rhyme things all the time. Back in the... Continue Reading →

Ode to Hell’s Kitchen (poem)

Gordon Ramsay always bitchinWhy you messin up my kitchenStir the rice, sear the meatQuite a simple featShowed you howYou're a cowRun a plowIncompleteSlap you with some meatCan't be beatTake a seatDon't be itchinYes I'm bitchinIt is my kitchenPerfection is the wayFor master chef Ramsay

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