Copyright Notice

Copyright Notice All Audio Tracks

Source of Samples

All samples used in the mixing of the tracks served by this blog are legally owned by me the creator. These are either through purchased sample packs or samples that are included with the mixing software Mixcraft 9.


All music has been engineered by the creator and owner of this website. At no time has audio been sampled from other commercial source. All music has been mixed with Mixcraft 9.

Track Usage License

Any audio tracks may be downloaded for use under the Creative Commons Attribution License which can be viewed here

Copyright Infringement Claims

Any copyright infringement claims against any of the audio tracks on this site will be false and could only happen if someone else used the same royalty-free sample packs as the creator. Any copyright infringement claims shall include the infringing track name from this blog, the artist, track and location in the track in which the infringement is heard. Claimant shall provide list of all sample packs used in the supposed original track. If no infringement is found claimant is liable for any court costs or attorney fees incurred by the creator.

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