I can only weep As I watch the creep Of shit so deep And minds so weak Times so bleak Lies so oblique The story only needs a tweak Sounds freak Inherited by the meek Listen to the speak It is the truth you seek

United (Poem)

Storm on The Horizon -- Bryan Vest -- 2018 (I have been posting a lot of short poems to twitter but not sharing them here, now they will be here too) Divide and conquer That is the moniker Split into groups Jump through the hoops Laws with loops Large horn toots Work boots The change... Continue Reading →

Is This a Poem? (Poem)

Rural Ohio Farm -- Bryan Vest --2019 Some seem to not like poems with a rhyme, I understand, we are all differentFor me, a poem without a rhyme, is like a bird without a song a morning without a sunriseOh how my mind looks for the rhyme when it is time to tap into the... Continue Reading →

Reviving My Stale Twitter Account

Not long ago, maybe a year or so, I irrevocably deleted my most active Twitter account. I decided to do this as I was disconnecting myself from the IT world as I settled into writing. The account was mostly based around IT work, programming, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and such since that is generally what... Continue Reading →

Morning Poem Take 19 (Poem)

Sun on The Channel -- Bryan Vest -- 2018 Looking across the snow covered field towards the dawn of a new dayLooking across the snow covered field towards my thinking of a new wayThe sun cracks the sky like a glowing red sword, a new piece of clayAs the new day starts and fresh ideas... Continue Reading →

Falling Planet (Poem 8)

Elite Dangerous -- Bryan Vest -- 2021 For what do the the tall slender trees of the earth owe their majestyStrong and tall, suckling mother earth for the fluid of lifeDepending on the universe and heavens for lightDo they sleep at nightFrom seed to mighty masters of the sky they tower above all, and are... Continue Reading →

The Love (Poem)

Photo by Shamia Casiano on What is love but a flicker in the nightWhat is love but the one you hold tightWhat is love, the answer is aboveThough love does have a core, please read moreLove you can't define, love you can't design, love is quite divineYou can't fake it, you can't take it,... Continue Reading →

ReFound Writing (Poem)

Abstract Planet Surface - Bryan Vest - 2021 This morning I need to write, this is my plightPosts get complex and long, then I stop to write a songIts not a song, it is a poem of thought, still not wrong, still not taughtThe love to write and craft words is what I look towardsFor... Continue Reading →

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