Find a Tree (Mental Health Poem)

Refreshing walk Neurons talk Anxieties sulk Walk with me Find a tree Anxieties flee Tree of the Earth Tree of great girth Tree of grounding and rebirth Plant a mental tree Find it when you need to flee It will help anxiety It does help me--Bryan Vest 2022

There is The Light (Poem)

Photo by Jonathan Petersson on Somewhere off in the distance, is that a flash I see?Through the dark and gloom, could it be?The years of suffer and torment, dealt to me.Extracted a huge mental fee. Day inDay outThe dark winsAn anxiety boutYears of fearYears of doubtYes my dearI am allowed to pout I have... Continue Reading →

New Found Energy

Looking back on yesterday, I think it was my most active blogging day in the history of my blogging life. Something about starting to rhyme things again seems to have struck a chord in my imagination. I say again because there was a time when I would rhyme things all the time. Back in the... Continue Reading →

Anxious Beast(poem)

I have foundI can astoundMuch aboundWith the lines I writeFunny thingsOften singNot always the kingNot always rightSerious message tooFrom me to youLife is not always funSometimes we runRun I did For many yearsRun I didFrom needless fearsThe beast chasedWith much hasteThrough the dreamsMany screamsIn the daytime tooFew are the yearsWith no fearsOr the tearsPlease no... Continue Reading →

Morning Rhyme (Poem)

Start the morning on a rhymeKeep it all in timeThis Is my new pathLots more fun than mathI still fix servers and write codeRhyming levels my modeAlways a rhyme at handIt makes me not sadYears of anxiety and depressCaused a mental compressIt took yearsTo quiet the fearsIgnore the jeersForgive my peersSwitch my gearsClear the tearsNow... Continue Reading →

Polishing the Armor

In the post Where are we going Today, I went deep into talking about how to turn your anxiety around and use it as a suit of armor instead of breaking down to the demon. But there is more to it than that if you want to grow and not just start bashing everyone with... Continue Reading →

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